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Zokoko Artisan Chocolate

Zokoko is the brainchild of Michelle and Dean Morgan. It is one of the worlds most respected bean-to-bar makers having been voted best maker globally in 2018. Featured on Masterchef in Australia and used by some of the the worlds best known chef's Zokoko is the benchmark that many covert. We have worked with the brand for over a decade and are proud to be a loyal partner.


Identity & Branding, Print




2012 - current

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When we started work with Zokoko we set about the challenge to advance their position as an Artisan maker of repute. We crafted the typographic lettering with the help of Keith Morris, who is globally regarded as one of the 

worlds finest hand lettering artists. The general aesthetic of the largely black and gold imagery is also flexed through Easter and Christmas range but all are distinctly Zokoko in brand.


Zokoko Single Origin

The single origin bar range was conceived to be the very best chocolate one could find in Australia. It has been awarded globally at the very highest level and has a fierce following of loyalists across the globe. We helped design and source the gift box format and craft the individual labels to suite each varietal perfectly.


The Finest makes the Finest

We helped Zokoko elevate their craft through thoughtful design systems and exceptional photography. The same old adage of what you put in is what you get out is still true.

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