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Marketplace Supermarkets

This project was produced in conjunction with Social Tap in Noosa, Queensland and Hopper Group IGA Brisbane. We were briefed to transform shopper perceptions on what grocery could be and totally invent a better brand for the region.  We distilled the brand positioning, crafted the identity system, store interiors and built a destination where locals could love where they shopped.


Brand Positioning & Design


The Hopper Group



The main mnemonic device is built to echo the inclusiveness that the brand now fosters. The loop in the 'M' representing the community hands-on spirit and domestic products all housed under one new roof. A home for locals

For colours and tonality we drew inspiration from our "true blue" heritage as an Aussie company connected to the sky and sea.


Designed to be a new destination for Australian shoppers who wanted more from their shop.


Brand Guidelines

We worked extremely closely with Social Tap and the Hopper Group to develop a definitive brand suite that covered everything from livery to corporate branding. 

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