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Morgans Coffee

We've worked with Dean Morgan since 2012. He's widely recognised as one of the best coffee minds in Australia and hugely respected throughout the industry. His iconic cherry red brand identity is as well known as his humble personally and we honoured it with a simple yet highly recognisable brand update.


Brand Identity and Packaging


Essentia Brands



Coffee Plantation

At the centre of this design is the much loved red colour Morgan's is known for. We wanted to make that undeniably his brand tone yet augment it with some natural illustration crafted by our friend

Ricardo Macia who did a wonderful job on the botanical illustration.

To cap the design off we designed

bespoke icons that help navigation and bring a modernity to the range.

Morgans Coffee Branding identity

Web & Mobile

Simple clean and navigable design for each of the product ranges allows the user to search, discover and purchase exactly the varietal they desire.

Morgans Coffee Social media and mobile branding
Morgan's Coffee

Cherry Red Range

The cherry red range is iconic in Sydney coffee culture and has been a recognisable element of the Morgans brand since 2004. To help the product recognition we have crafted a series of icons that help the user find their blend easily all the while knowing its their brand of choice.

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