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Bone Idol Brewery

This project was done for our friends at the Spice Agency. While we're based in Queensland not far Toowoomba, Dimity and her team have worked with the Plate Restaurant for some time and we supported them craft the identity and branding system for the new brewery venture.


Naming, Brand Design


The Plate




This project was designed from the ground up including all naming , branded IP and core positioning. We developed the mastermark, typographic emblem and design elements for retail and premises.

The masterwork  is derived from a bone character and is then further extended into illustrations and brand motifs for on premises.

Brand naming and Ip registration for brand design


We have a strong approach to brand IP and naming which has won us fans and awards globally

brand logo design for craft brewery

Brand Design

Every little detail counts in the developing of a brand identity in a world a craft- sameness

pump handle design for craft brewery brand design

Branded Tools

From 3D structural design to product development we help brands stand out

Serving Beer

Beer and bones

We helped design a new brand that connected this highly regarded supplier of organic meats with a customer that expects the same from their beer.

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