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Ugly Duck™

We originally met Michelle and her team some years ago when they were group members of the Food and Agriculture Network accelerator in Queensland. Driven by the global initiative to use 'blemished' fruit to create high quality condiments we helped them rebrand, position and craft their own niche in the sustainable delicious foods market.


Identity & Branding


Ugly Duck




While already in the market Ugly Duck had no brand identity and no real personality. We created the master brand by utilising the 'U and D' and combining into a bowl and spoon monotype emblem.

The objective was to really demonstrate the hand made provenance as well as to give the brand a distinct standout with simple colour and identity.

Good things in small jars

Early on the idea of a teal lidded jar was agreed on. We felt that we wanted the brand discovered but more wanted the labels to simplify the message so needed to have an own-able brand icon.

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